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Incense and Censers, Your Options

It is used as an offering to the Buddhas, to purify the environment and as an aid to relaxation and meditation. In Tibetan Buddhism, the censors are engraved with numerous allegorical symbols, such as dorjes or auspicious symbols. Copper, brass, clay or wood, all made by hand.

The natural incenses of Tibet

They are made only with unique and natural ingredients, without foreign elements or chemical products such as aromas and dyes. As they are made by hand, the result is simply spectacular. And when a bar or a cone is lit, everything is filled with the unmistakable scent of peace and tranquility. Today, Tibetan incense is considered the best in the world. To know more about well known incense stick wholesaler in singapore, you must always seek help online.

It is also good to put daily a small bowl with grains of rice and another with pieces of bread, which, the day after having put it, is thrown out of your house as a sign of sharing.

Proper way of condolences

Condolence can be given physically, by call or note. The best thing is to be brief and simple. If there is enough closeness, there is nothing that conveys more than a sincere hug and meaning. The phrases can change, but we must always show our closeness to those close to us because of the pain they are feeling. It is easier to say than to do, but it is best to express what comes out of our hearts, especially if the deceased was close. More than a hackneyed phrase “I’m so sorry “, it gives more consolation to remember something of the person who has just died, as positive aspects of his character, something he has done for us. To get the well known singapore funeral director, seek help online.

Importance of empathy and compassion

There are also times when we are close to the person who has lost a loved one, not the deceased person. In that case, we must make him feel our empathy and offer to help him in whatever he may need. Praising who we do not know is false and unnecessary. It is a reality that we have not been raised to face the issues related to death. In our culture, we usually try to avoid talking about it, despite being as natural as life itself.